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Opposable Thumbs – “Opposable Thumbs”

opposablethumbscoverReleased January 5th, 2013 – Gubbey Records

Genre: Fast-Driving Punk(ish) Rock

Gubbey Records is self-described as a label that strives to promote “obscure, isolated and eclectic Louisville music” – their 13th release, slated to release this Saturday, features Louisville band, Opposable Thumbs on their debut, self-titled LP, and does a great job of doing just that. The album is fast paced, and each song is a great journey of punk infused rock and roll, and Jeremy Bauer’s vocals are a great fit for the genre. The outfit itself is a little larger than you might expect from a punk band – Bauer doesn’t play guitar, and they’ve thrown in a synth player (who adds some pretty interesting effects that you wouldn’t usually hear in the genre) – but they manage to retain a pretty characteristic sound for all of these idiosyncrasies. The songs are all pretty great, and they get through them quickly – the album flies through ten songs in just over eighteen minutes, thanks to the fact that most of the songs are less than two minutes, with none longer than three. If you, like the label, are interested in getting into the eclectic music that Louisville has to offer, this would probably be a great fit for you.

Tracks I Liked: She Roll It!!, Goat, Because it Feels Good!, Hello Babies!!, Die King!, G.O.T.S.!, Miss Represented!

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– Ben Southworth